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One Manufacturer Does Not Fit All!

        When choosing an Air Conditioning and Heating System or component like a new Furnace, Evaporator Coil, Condenser, Heat Pump, Air Handler or Filtration, it is not all about Energy Ratings. Not every Manufacture's product may suite your particular situation.

         Some Mfg's product may not fit the area you have available to put it in. And some mfg's energy ratings may look high on paper, but when you get the data for the particular size unit you are needing, it may not be as good as another mfg's system with a lower rating!  Browse the mfg's sites below to get a idea of choices.    

Manufactures We Install and Recommend the Most

Rheem                  Great Product and Pricing in Every Efficiency Class  $$$$  
Trane                   Great Choice and Products and on the Higher End   $$$$$
Carrier                 Greatest Variety of Products and on the Higher End $$$$$ 
Lennox                 Great choice and Products on and the Higher End    $$$$$   
Carrier / Payne    Good Choice of 13 and 14 Seer Products and Price       $$$  
Goodman              Good Choice of 13 - 16 Seer Products and Price         $$$$
Gibson                 Good Choice for it's compact size and price                 $$$

          These are the manufacturers that we install the most. Not necessarily in this order, as they all have a reason we may suggest that we use that particular brand for your application. With over 83 listed HVAC Manufacturers, we believe you can find the right choice for you in the above list. We will help you to decide based on our local experience with each mfg.

           Look over the above sites or just give us a call for more information!