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If you can answer "yes" to any of the questions below, Art Electric & HVAC has your solution to your high energy costs. The EMAX 3000.

  • Do you have an electric bill?

  • Are you a homeowner?

  • Do you have a pool?

  • Are you tired of constantly rising energy bills?

  • Is your heating and cooling system more than
    three years old?

EMAX 3000

  • Do you have appliances that are not "Energy Star" certified?

  • Do you have numerous electrical appliances, computers, televisions, home theater systems, etc. in your home?

Again, if your answer is yes to any of the above questions, our EMAX 3000 will put extra $$$ back into your pocket where they belong!


 Regardless of whether you are a home or small business owner, or even a large corporation, our EMAX 3000 is the latest innovation in energy management today.

Compact in size, The EMAX 3000 has a unique design that stores reactive power, allowing the inductive motor power to pull from the EMAX 3000 instead of asking for more from the utility source.
This process not only decreases your demand from the utility but also your kilowatt usage. Thus you lower your bills and save your money!


By incorporating the EMAX 3000 into your energy management system, motors run cooler and more efficient. The need for more power on the motors is reduced, dangerous power surges are eliminated there is also a reduction in noise caused by electrical sources.


And if you are a property owner with 1, 2, or 240 units or more with all bills paid, we can put money back into your pocket. emax products are electric provider approved and have no moving parts. Also the emax will help motors and other devices last longer and that too will save you on reduced incidence of calling for maintenance on most appliances in your units. 

Though The Emax 3000 is very simple to install, we strongly recommend having it professionally installed due to the safety issues of live electricity. The EMAX 3000 is connected to the main feeds of the 220/240 of your breaker box so that your entire home may be protected from dangerous power surges.

ALSO SEE "Power Factor Optimization" for more on how the Emax works.

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