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Foil vs. Paint


If you are considering implementing Radiant Barrier into your energy management program, there are some factors you should be aware of before you make a decision.

Commonly, Radiant Barrier is installed in two forms, either by paint or by foil. Below you will find specifications on the two products that will not only answer many of your questions but also allow you to make an educated decision regarding your Radiant Barrier purchase.

Is Radiant Barrier Effective and How Does It Work? Radiant Barrier's effectiveness is calculated by its emittance value. By definition, emittance value is the amount of heat that is released into the air.

The lower your emittance value the higher quality you are installing. For example, the emittance value of our foil Radiant Barrier product is 0.03 and even less than 0.1 Therefore, 97-99% of the radiant heat is being reflected.

If you have researched the specifications of paint Radiant Barrier, you will find that even the very best paint product have values of approximately 0.23 which means that at best only 77% of the heat is being reflected.

Another vital point to remember is that most companies who are installing the paint are only applying it to the roof decking and leaving the joists unpainted.

Any of the exposed joists will continue to radiate heat from inside the attic. In opposition, when foil is stapled to the bottom sides of the roof joists, they are equally protected.

Genuine Radiant Barrier Fact
In able for a Radiant Barrier to be considered "true" it must have an emittance value of between 0.03 or less. No paint product on the market today provides those qualifications.

We hope that you have gained an understanding of the products available in the Radiant Barrier industry. At A-Anderson Air Conditioning Heating & Electric, you can always be rest assured that we are installing the very best in product. If you have any further questions or would to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: