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Free Estimates

Here are a few guidelines to Free Estimates so we can get the complete picture of what you need to decide when it's free.

Estimates are Free When You Say . . 

  • I need a new A/C or Heating system
  • I need a new Condenser
  • I need a new Evaporator
  • I need a new Heater
  • I need new construction and have drawn out plans
  • I need a new Electrical panel box
  • I need a new Electrical Service
  • I know exactly what I need and have model and serial number handy
  • I can explain the situation clearly over the phone and know what part I need.
  • The last company said I needed this . . .



When it's not a Free Estimate . . . but needs diagnostics

  • When you know its broke but don't know why.
  • When it's broke and you think you know why
  • When pipes are freezing
  • When a motor is loud or squeaking, or not turning
  • When your unit does not blow air.
  • When the thermostat is not reading right or working right
  • When it works sometimes but not other times
  • When the last company said it was fixed with what they did.
  • When you have a circuit or area with out power
  • When your lights are flickering
  • When your breaker keeps tripping


If You Are Not Sure, It Does Not Cost To Call and Ask!

For Additional Information or Service . . .
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