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Heat Miser


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Energy cost are expected to increase as much as 90% in some  parts of the country . . .

Are You Heating The Neighborhood?

The facts are, your forced-air furnace was designed to be able to heat your home on the coldest of winter days. However temperatures vary during the fall, winter, and spring which means that on most days, your furnace is actually much larger than you need to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

So what happens to the excess heat? The excess heat rises up through your exhaust vent stack, out your roof and into the air, the proverbial “heating the neighborhood”.

The second result is the cycling on and off of your furnace–like the stop-and-go driving you experience in a car during rush hour. Both “heating the neighborhood” and the “stop-and-go heating” are hard on your furnace and on your gas bill. 

The PowerSmart HeatMiser optimizes the gas usage of your furnace so that you heat your home more efficiently and evenly. With the PowerSmart HeatMiser it’s like having a furnace that’s just the right size, no matter what the temperature. 

Now days, with energy depletion a global concern, you can't help but to do your share to conserve energy and put a little cash back in to your pocket along the way. Here are a few recent articles and excerpts that are alarming people of North America and the World of what's to come, and how you can help combat energy problems on your own home front.

How it Works

When it gets cold or when you turn up the thermostat, your heater lights. Then the heat exchanger within your furnace gathers the heat from the burner flames and a device inside your furnace then turns on the heat blower. The blower moves the warm air into the duct work, out of the vents and into the rooms of your home or office.

After a few minutes of operation, your furnace begins to create more heat than the unit can exchange. The excess heat travels upward through the exhaust vent stack and escapes through your roof.

The PowerSmart HeatMiser automatically senses the efficiency of the heat exchange to the indoor air. It constantly makes adjustments to keep the heat in your house where it belongs – not flowing out of the vent stack through your roof.

PowerSmart HeatMiser is designed to easily install on forced-air furnaces using natural gas, propane, or heating oil. It works seamlessly with your existing thermostat without impacting existing safety devices on your furnace.

The PowerSmart HeatMiser comes install ready for the “do-it-yourselfer” or a contractor. It can be installed in less than 10 minutes, then you simply set 2 menu items to control your exact Heater, and your done! 


  • Tested to reduces gas consumption 23 – 42%.

  •  Increased savings without costly upgrades or system component replacements

  • Short payback period – one winter or less.

  • Works on “forced air” furnaces with standing pilot, electric ignition or hot surface ignitions.

  • Integrates Seamlessly with your existing 24 volt thermostat.

  • Provides years of services without the need for adjustments or maintenance.

  • Lifetime Guarantee  

So, rather than replace the your heater that is just a few years old, get the heatmiser and begin the savings of a high efficientcy gas heater, with out the price tag of replacement.

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