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Power Losses


In past years, it was almost acceptable in the electrical industry to see power system losses between 2%-3%. However, research has shown in recent years that we must begin to carefully study the benefit of higher initial cost for superb product and how it relates to long-term savings.

Depending on the price of electricity from carrier to carrier, it is usually a sound decision to increase your initial component cost in order to see the long-term reward. Our EMAX 3000 has proven to lead the way towards new energy conservation solutions for the future.

The range of losses in power system equipment at full load is summarized below:

Outdoor circuit breakers 0.002% - 0.015%

Medium voltage switchgear 0.005% - 0.02%

Transformers 0.4% -1.9%

Load break switches 0.003% - 0.025%

Busway 0.05% - 0.50%

Low voltage switchgear 0.13% - 0.34%

Motor control centers 0.01% - 0.40%

Cable 1% - 4%



1-10 HP 14% -35%

10-200 HP 6%-12%

200-1500 HP 4% - 7%

Static variable speed drives 6%-15%

Capacitors 0.5%-2%

Lighting 3% - 9%

Our EMAX 3000 is specifically designed to not only conserve and store energy but also to protect your power system from surges, loss, and also reduce the effects of harmful electrical noise.

EMAX 3000 will also increase power factor optimization and maximize the capacity of your existing system therefore reducing power losses.

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