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Radiant Barrier


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Mylar/Foil Radiant Barrier is the very latest innovation in insulation products. As its original purpose, radiant barrier was designed by NASA for the production of space suits for our astronauts. Radiant barrier offers a permanent solution to the reduction of your energy costs.

Instead of absorbing heat, radiant barrier will reflect it. As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself, "What does this mean to me and what are the benefits?" During the cold winter months without the protection of a radiant barrier, you may be suffering a heat loss of between 50%-75% through your roof or ceiling system. This not only makes your heating and cooling system work harder, but also your energy costs are higher due to wasted energy.

Whether you are building a new home or improving the efficiency of an older home, having foil radiant installed will not only save you valuable dollars, but also provide a more comfortable living environment season after season. Utilizing our Extreme Shield or Extreme Shield Plus, you can now have the peace of mind that your new radiant barrier system will reflect an impressive 97% of the heat that is radiated off of your home.

If you are considering other radiant barrier products we encourage you to shop wisely! For example, even the very best of a paint spray on solution has only an emissivity of 0.23, which means that only 77% of the radiant heat is blocked. A key to remember is the lower the emissivity of a radiant barrier product, the better!

Our Extreme Shield system not only meets those specifications but will exceed your expectations with a .03 or up to 97% blockage of radiant heat, lasting for many years to come.

Among the many questions we answer on a daily basis, everyone always wants to know, besides the attic, where is radiant barrier placed? At Art Electric & HVAC, you can depend on us for a thorough installation that will include crawl spaces, ceilings, attics, closets, and roofs. With new construction an installation will include crawl spaces, ceilings, attics, closets, roofs, walls, floors, house wraps, and vapor barriers.


  • Keep Heat out During the Summer
  • Keep Heat in During the Winter
  • Reduce Heating and Cooling Cost
  • Increase Comfort Levels
  • Make Your Home/Building
  • More Energy Efficient

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